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Quick look 24/2/2014

posted Feb 25, 2014, 3:26 PM by Unknown user
I had a quick peek inside the top 2 boxes today as I won't be able to make it next Sunday for the bee group meeting. 

Top super: 90% capped honey. The brood in the middle 2 or 3 frames has hatched and been replaced with uncapped honey.
Queen excluder
Middle brood chamber: Pretty full of honey with about 50% capped.  Little or no brood
Lower brood chamber: Did not disturb

So they are productive little workers (more so than mine!).  Someone should go through the bottom box on Sunday and check that there is enough space.  We should plan to take of the top super and extract it all. We may need to replace it with another super and then perhaps do a bit of frame shuffling to provide some more brood space.  This needs to be done with care to ensure the brood cluster remains continuous.