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Hive Inspection 4/1/15

posted Jan 3, 2015, 10:53 PM by Unknown user
Present: Andrew, Charlie, Chris and Angie.
Hive 3: Now OK with unsealed brood.  Brood chamber (single deep) now with all 8 frames in use and good number of bees. Added WSP super to allow room for expansion.  Perhaps this should be a deep to allow double deep brood chamber with WSP super?!
Hive 2: 2 deeps with top one having 5 frames in use.  Foundation in remaining 3 frames still to be drawn, no action required at present.
Hive 1: 2 deeps, 1 WSP super and 1 ideal super.  Ideal not in use.  WSP super has ideal frames in and so full of burr comb.  Removed this and will replace box with the correct depth tomorrow.